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Ollie and the Wind

Ollie and the Wind

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Sometimes the best things appear out of thin air

The wind blows all day on Ollie’s island. There aren’t many people around, but there’s lots of space to play.

One day the wind steals Ollie’s hat. Then it darts away with his scarf. But is the wind just naughty, or is it trying to tell Ollie something?

A beautiful story about playfulness, cooperation and friendship from a prolific new talent.

  • Paper back
  • 32 pages
  • Age: 2-5 years old

About the Author

Ronojoy Ghosh has lived in India, Indonesia, Singapore and New Zealand, and currently lives in Sydney with his wife and young son. He wrote Ollie and the Wind for his son, who refuses to sleep until he hears a story every night.